A Few of the Toys in the Exhibit

The origin of the word 'toy' is unknown, but may have first been used in the 14th century. Toy animals, soldiers and dolls, as well as child-size representations of tools used by adults are frequently found at archaeological sites throughout the world.


Greensboro children in the 1800s enjoyed playing with dolls, toy trains, horse-drawn vehicles, and Noah's Ark - complete with pairs of animals and figures of Noah and his wife.


Some very old toys that can be played with at the exhibit include marbles and jacks - also known as knucklebones, and pick-up sticks or jackstraws. Modern versions of a number of toys can be played with at the Historical Society exhibit.


Erector Set on display


Tootsie Toy Cars and Trucks on display


Antique Noah's Ark toy on display