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GHS Presentation 3/06/2016 "Power of Water: Greensboro's Life Blood Yesterday and Today" Nancy Hill & Jenny Stoner 65  Video: GHS Presents Mar 06 2016
GHS Meeting 2/09/2016 Discussion with Larry Lumsden Nancy Hill (moderator) 36  Video: GHS Mtg Feb 09 2016
GHS Annual Mtg 8/10/2015 60's & 70's Counterculture in VT Wilhelmina Smith (moderator) 4 X 20 min Video: GHS Annual Mtg Aug 10 2015
GHS Annual Mtg 8/11/2014 Slavery in Vermont Prof. Harvey Whitfield 80 Video: GHS Annual Mtg Aug 11, 2014 - slavery in VT
GHS/GUCC Meeting 7/14/2014 Greensboro's Teacher in Space Mike Metcalf 75 Video: Greensboro's Teacher in Space
GHS Meeting 3/2/2014 Local Home Knitters Break The Law (panel discussion) Wilhelmina Smith (moderator) 90 Video: Local Home Knitters
GHS Meeting 8/15/2013 Kesselman Reminiscences Nancy Hill (moderator) 81 Video: Kesselman Reminiscenses
GHS Annual Meeting 8/12/2013 Lakeshore Neighborhoods Randolph Road, Edgewood Lane, and Winnimere Wilhelmina Smith (moderator) 102 Video: GHS Annual Meeting August 12, 2013
GHS Meeting 7/8/2013 Blockhouse Archaeological Dig Dr. Jill Baker 58 Video: GHS Meeting July 8, 2013 Blockhouse Dig
GHS Meeting 3/3/2013 History of the Greensboro Road System Clive Gray et al. (moderators) 71 Video: GHS Roads Meeting March 3, 2013
GHS Annual Meeting 8/13/2012 Archaeological findings at an early Indian site in Keene, NH Dr. Robert Goodby 97 Video: GHS Annual Meeting - August 13, 2012
Greensboro Association Annual Meeting 8/10/2012 Status of the Highland Lodge Wilhelmina Smith 11 Video: Gboro Assoc Mtg Aug 10, 2012
GHS Meeting 7/9/2012 Greensboro Fire Department History (panel discussion) Greensboro firefighters 67 Video: GHS Meeting July 9, 2012