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GHS Meeting of February 18, 1986

Discussion of Ice Cutting and Other Topics





This is an audio tape made during a meeting of the Greensboro Historical Society on February 18, 1986.  The meeting was at the home of Lora & Bernie Atherton on Gebbie Road and was a delightful conversation about the "old days."  Participants were the Athertons, Will Masse, Dorothy Ling, John Allen, and Wilhelmina Smith.  Topics ranged far and wide including roads, cars, mail delivery, the introduction of the telephone, snow scraping, church practices, baseball, and much else.  A major topic was a discussion of ice cutting.

The audio is presented in four parts, each a side of the cassette tapes on which the original was made.  Each of the first three parts is about 45 minutes long; part 4 is about 25 minutes long. 

Listen to the audios on the following mp3 players:

Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 
Part 4