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 Summer Hours (July and August)
 Saturdays    10:00 - 1:00pm


The GHS Museum is now closed for the remainder of 2020.
We look forward to seeing you next July!
Thank you!

Since its founding in 1977, the Greensboro Historical Society has brought together diverse people from the community: descendants of founding families, new residents, members of the summer community, school children, working people and those who have chosen to retire in our town.  All come together to celebrate and learn from our predecessors in this special place. 
Our membership in this small town is more than 300 families.

Summer 2020 Activity: July 15th through Labor Day
Self-guided History Explorer Walk in Greensboro Village & Greensboro Bend

(Click above to find
maps & questionnaire)

Looking for a fun, interesting activity this summer?  Take the self-guided History Explorer Walk in Greensboro Village or Greensboro Bend.  

Children and adults alike are invited to explore a bit of  Greensboro's history with a fun, self-guided walk through the village sponsored by the Greensboro Historical Society and Greensboro Free Library.  

Pick up a map with a questionnaire on the back at the Greensboro Free Library, the Greensboro Historical Society, at Smith’s Store or print out at home from one of our websites, ( or image on right).  

It's a great walk, with some surprising information and there are even prizes for answering questions. Follow the numbered designations to each historic location where you can read the history and answer the questionnaire, if you wish, to receive a free volume of the history of Greensboro. (Take sheets to the library to receive book.) Find photos, for example, of the first town hall or the Caspian Lake House in Greensboro Village, or the workers at the first sawmill in Greensboro Bend. 

The walk will be posted from July 15 - Labor Day.

Much of the information came from the booklet "An Architectural Walking Tour of Greensboro, VT" prepared by GHS in 2001. Copies of that booklet are available to check out from the GFL or are for sale at the GHS museum on a Saturday morning 10 – 1pm.

 2020 Winter Meeting Presentation: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Ammendment!

Vermont Humanities Council presents Linda Radtke's talk:

"From the Parlor to the Polling Place: Stories and Songs from the Suffragists" 

Sunday, March 1st, 2020 at 2pm, @ Fellowship Hall 

2020 Greensboro Town Meeting

Recent GHS Event: 

2019 Summer Meeting Presentation:

"The First Vermonters: The Abenaki Nation's Past, Present, and Future."
Follow-up Presentation by Bobby Farlice-Rubio of Fairbanks Museum
(back by popular demand)

Monday, August 5th, 2019 at 7pm, @ Fellowship Hall 

Latest Publication: 

The Spring 2020 edition of the GHS NEWSLETTER is now online.
Click here to view it

Articles include:

Review of 2020 Winter Presentation by Linda Radtke: "From the Parlor to the Polling Place"
(Video is available above) 

Notice of canceled Summer 2020 events

Overview of the 2020 Hazen Road Dispatch

Update on facility maintenance (reconditioned floor)

Update on archives digitization and accessioning

Reflection on Marion Babbie's 100th Birthday

Willie Smith's "President's Corner" reflects on changes brought by Covid-19

In Memoriam column


Previous Publication: 

The Fall 2019 edition of the GHS NEWSLETTER is now online.
Click here to view it

Articles include:

Review of Bailey Hazen Road guided walk

A review of this past summer exhibit:
Green Mountain Monastery Exhibit - All Beings Confluence

Upcoming Talk:
"From the Parlor to the Polling Place: Stories and Songs from the Suffragists"
2 PM on Sunday, March 1, 2020 at Fellowship Hall

Nancy Hill's "President's Corner" reflects on local historians

Review of the GHS Summer Presentation on the second part of "Indigenous Peoples"
by Bobby Farlice-Rubio of Fairbanks Museum 
(Video is available above)



 Previous Winter Presentation: 
"Treasures from the VHS Attic"

Presentation by Steve Perkins, Director of the Vermont Historical Society

VHS Director Steve Perkins brought a cache of unique and priceless artifacts from the VHS collection in Montpelier to the annual winter meeting of the Greensboro Historical Society in Fellowship Hall on Sunday afternoon March 10

When: March 10th (Monday) at 2:00pm
Where: Fellowship Hall of the Greensboro United Church of Christ


 Previous Summer Presentation:
"The First Vermonters -- Indigenous People"

Presentation by Bobby Farlice-Rubio of Fairbanks Museum

The Abenaki people have lived in Vermont for thousands of years, and they are still here today. By focusing on the individual lives of seven famous Abenakis from different centuries, we’ll explore how their culture has survived the centuries and evolved to meet the challenges of a changing world. We’ll also discover how the Abenaki Nation has shaped the present and future of all of Vermont’s people.

When: August 6th (Monday) at 7:30pm
Where: Fellowship Hall of the Greensboro United Church of Christ


Previous Summer Exhibit: 
"Greensboro in the Gazette - Photos from 1978 - 1994"

You and your friends and neighbors will be featured with Gazette photos taken by Vanessa Fournier, Dorothy Ling and from private collections
When: Museum opens on July 1st (Sunday) from 3 - 5 pm - Regular hours as listed above
Where: Greensboro Historical Society building

Previous Fall Presentation: 

Fall Presentation: Lauren Sopher, UVM Graduate Student - "PLACE" Presentation

The GHS (along with the Greensboro Planning Commission) helped support Lauren Sopher with her culminating project from the Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning graduate program at the University of Vermont. This "PLACE" project focused on the "Place-based Landscape Analysis & Community Engagement" of Greensboro Bend.

Click on the image to the right to view the video.

When: November 1st (Thursday) at 7pm
Where: St. Michael's Church Hall in Greensboro Bend 

Forty Years of the Hazen Road Dispatch

Our new anthology of writings from that journal, is now available for sale at the historical society building and the Willey's Store at $24.95 per copy. Containing articles about Greensboro, Craftsbury, Hardwick, and Walden, it includes pieces by Allen Davis, Charlie Morrissey, Lewis Hill, Sally Fisher, Alan Howes and many others, Some of the older articles have been updated, and there are several new photographs.

 As Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Greensboro summer resident Wallace Stegner wrote in the foreword to The History of Greensboro, the First Two Hundred Years (1990), "Local history is the best history, the history with more of its readers in it than any other kind.  It is immediate, personally apprehended ...  It is the record of human living in its daily complexity and the sense of place in it is strong."  This insight helps to explain the strong support GHS continues to enjoy.

Historical Videos

Click on the upper left-hand corner of the video below to see our recent videos! 

What do we do?

  • We produce varied publications (see the "Resources" menu items)
  • We do original research, published since 1975 in our annual journal, The Hazen Road Dispatch (see the "Resources" menu items)
  • We provide space for permanent display of artifacts from early Greensboro settlers and create special annual exhibits to highlight some aspect of the town's history in the new addition to the GHS building, completed in 2010; and we assemble albums containing photos and information from each exhibit (see the "Resources" and the "Photo Gallery"  menu items)
  • We arrange at least three annual lectures, panels, or general interest programs, including a winter meeting and summer meetings in July and August, on topics related to the year's theme (see the "Events" menu items)
  • We sponsor educational seminars on historical themes
  • We work with teachers and students at the local school to involve children in learning about their history
  • We store records of several community organizations
  • We collect and archive records, photos, genealogy data and historic artifacts from Greensboro families
  • We record audiotapes and DVDs of individuals and meetings (see "Audio" and "Video" archives under the "Resources" menu item)
  • We collect and file information on current events for future generations
  • We sponsor walks to local spots of historical interest
  • We enjoy monthly luncheon meetings and a summer ice cream social with old-time games for children;  and we conduct an annual book sale each autumn.

Visit our friends and colleagues of the Vermont Historical Society online and at their two locations:

Vermont History Museum

109 State Street
Pavilion Building (next to the State House)
Montpelier, VT
Normal hours: 10:00am to 4:00pm, Tuesday - Saturday
Vermont History Center

Historic Spaulding School Building
60 Washington Street
Barre, VT
Normal hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday–Friday