Greensboro Historical Society 2021 Calendar of Events


The GHS Museum continues to follow Vermont state guidelines, Greensboro town guidelines as well as the advice of its board as to how it will resume activities for the public.

Currently, the GHS Museum will be open from July 6 through August 31:
Wed/Thurs/Fri - 10:30am-2:30pm
Sat - 10-12pm

We ask that visitors wear masks and adhere to the 6-foot social distancing mandate.

We will update our calendar as changes occur.

Event Who Date Time Location

The Hill Family Legacy - Permanent Exhibit

      GHS Barn

Summer Exhibit Opening
Subject: "Highland Cattle: Proud Heritage"

July 3
3-5pm GHS Museum

Summer Exhibit
Subject: "Highland Cattle: Proud Heritage"

GHS Sat July 6
August 31
10:30-2:30pm GHS Museum

Hinman Road sign dedication:
Dedication of Hinman Road sign and walk

July 21
10am Tolman's Corners

Ice Cream Social & Annual Book Sale:
Ice cream social to be held on GHS Museum lawn.

Annual GHS Book Sale to be held in/in front of the Lyles Garage (at Janet Long's house)

July 31
GHS Museum
Lyles Garage

Summer Presentation
Subject: "Timothy Hinman: Rogue or Hero?"
by Bobby Farlice-Rubio of Fairbanks Museum

Aug 9
7:00pm Fellowship Hall
G'boro United Church of Christ
165 Wilson St

Summer 2021 Activity: 
Self-guided History Explorer Walk in Greensboro Village & Greensboro Bend

Looking for a fun, interesting activity this summer?

Take the self-guided History Explorer Walk in Greensboro Village or Greensboro Bend. 
(The walk will be posted from July 15 - Labor Day.)

(L to R) Kaleb, Kolby, Kendrick and Karson Kroeger enjoying the History Walk at the Greensboro Bend railroad station

Children and adults alike are invited to explore a bit of  Greensboro's history with a fun, self-guided walk through the village sponsored by the Greensboro Historical Society and Greensboro Free Library.  

Pick up a map with a questionnaire on the back at the Greensboro Free Library, the Greensboro Historical Society, at Smith’s Store or print out at home from one of our websites, ( or  

It's a great walk, with some surprising information and there are even prizes for answering questions.
Follow the numbered designations to each historic location where you can read the history and answer the questionnaire, if you wish, to receive a free volume of the history of Greensboro.
(Take sheets to the library to receive book.) Find photos, for example, of the first town hall or the Caspian Lake House in Greensboro Village, or the workers at the first sawmill in Greensboro Bend. 

Much of the information came from the booklet "An Architectural Walking Tour of Greensboro, VT" prepared by GHS in 2001. Copies of that booklet are available to check out from the GFL or for sale on the GHS website or purchased at the GHS museum on a Saturday morning 10 – 1pm.



(Click on the images below to download or print the maps and the questionnaire)